Corpus Taurinense - An Old Italian Corpus.


Manuel Barbera (
Marco Tomatis (

The incipit of Vita Nuova in the internal CT format, with the Codice Riccardiano Dante peeping out.

Short presentation of the corpus.

Concise Introduction to CQP Query language. Full documentation ("CQP Manual") is also available from Stuttgart in PS, in PDF, or in HTML format.

U. Heid CT Sample Queries offers a first introduction on how to work with the Corpus.

M. Barbera CT Specifications Guide presents in short form all the needed information about the CT-Tagset and all the Positional and Structural Attributes of the corpus.

Search the version 1.8 (2008.05.08; updated [v.1.8.2] 2009.07.17) of the CT online.

Download the version 1.8.2 (updated 2009.07.17; Linux release) of the CT in CQP format (you need the CWB already installed).

Search the version 0.1 (updated 2010.09.19) of the CT+ online.

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